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We offer what we believe are the best and the most authentic German brands that delight with luxury quality and long lasting service. When you purchase one of our traditional German brands, you have a guarantee that the product will perform to the highest expectations. 

We have carefully sourced the products from all over Germany including Solingen which is famous for exceptional sharpness and precision of the blades. Read more to find out why our products are world-renowed and made to perform beautifully.


When you by a Solingen manicure set or Solingen nail clippers, such as ZOHL, rest assured you are buying the best of the best quality you will enjoy for many years.

Known today as the city of blades, Solingen grew over many centuries to become ‘the steel heart’ of Germany. Back in the 14th century it was a centre of the country’s blacksmiths attracted by rich natural resources of the area. They have mastered the art of metal engineering which is carefully protected by the German government in the so-called Solingen decree.

The famous stamp ‘Quality Made in Solingen’ is approved only if all production stages have been carried in Solingen. If one of them was made outside, even if still in Germany, it is against the law to call it a Solingen product.


ZOHL is a collection of the finest German products, such as Solingen manicure sets, toenail cutters, cuticle clippers, hair combs and eyebrow tweezers crafted to the highest quality standards.

A synonym of luxury, ZOHL offers exclusive products to suit the most sophisticated taste. Whether you are after the world’s best manicure or pedicure sets, stunning gifts for men and women, or just looking to find proper nail tools to add to your beauty and grooming kit, ZOHL offers exactly what you need.


Established in 1936, Niegeloh engineers have been innovating to offer the best possible quality, undoubtedly made in Solingen. Today the brand is known for break-through designs and outstanding quality of manicure sets and nail tools.

One of Niegeloh’s innovations is nickel-free stainless steel made to offer superior quality manicure instruments to people with nickel-associated allergies. Another gem is ultra sharp nail clippers loved worldwide for unique designs and amazing precision in nail cutting.


Founded in 1926, Hans Kniebes quickly established its reputation as a high profile German manufacturer of quality manicure tools and top-end leather toiletry bags. Since the early days, the company have been striving to deliver the finest products that combine expert quality, attractive designs and great functionality.

Hans Kniebes offers beautifully designed manicure sets in luxury leather cases that cater for sophisticated manicure tastes with its Hans Kniebes Manicure range, while offering a value for money in its Sonnenschein collection.


Hercules Sagemann is the heritage German manufacturer of luxury hair brushes and combs since 1856. Pedantic quality control to offer the best tools for beautiful hair glowing with shine, naturally, results in true masterpieces loved by hair professionals worldwide.

Premium quality boar bristle hair brushes and highly polished hair combs made for maximum protection of the delicate hair structure, make hair look and feels its best. So your coiffure always wins when you invest in the best hair brush or comb for your daily hair care.  


Bavarian innovators in the warmth science, Hugo Frosch stands for rubber free hot water bottles that delight with long lasting service and gorgeous cover designs.

Crafted from high quality recyclable thermoplastic, the classic hot water bottles feature large openings for convenient filling and comply with British Standard BS 1970:2012.

Specially designed ECO hot water bottles are made of over 90% sugar cane to reduce carbon footprint and tested to ASTM standard D6886 (American Society for Testing and Materials).


We love each and single product by these brands, and we are sure you'll love them too!

If you need any help with choosing the product that's right for you, please email us at [email protected] or call on 0450 578 128, and we'll be happy to assist.