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Our customers often ask:

Where are you based?
We are a family-owned company based in the western suburbs of Melbourne VIC, and we work with Australia Post as our shipping partner.


When will I receive my order?

We ship orders daily from Monday to Friday, except public holidays. If you place your order before 2pm, we’ll dispatch it on the same day. Depending on the location, deliveries within Australia usually take:

  • 1-3 business days via express shipping at a flat fee of only $6.95;
  • 3-10 business days via free standard shipping.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship outside of Australia via Australia Post to most locations, including the USA, UK, Canada, and New Zealand. The shipping fee is $6.95 for orders over $100, otherwise it is $12.95. All prices are in Australian dollars.


What is your refund policy?

We stand by the quality of our products. If however you are not satisfied with your item, we offer 30-days money back guarantee provided the items are returned to us unused and non-damaged, with all labels attached, and in intact packaging.


Why choose GermanManicureSets.com.au?

We are a local Australian family company and we know that our brands represent hard to find quality that delights for many years. They are fantastic every day beauty and grooming items to trust your nails and hair, at home or when on travels.


Do you gift-wrap?

Sure! Simply let us know via email [email protected] or call on 0450 578 128 so we prepare a beautiful presentation for your order.


Product-specific recommendations

Manicure and Pedicure Sets

Can you recommend the best pedicure set for thick toenails?

Absolutely! Thick toenails require strong nail clippers and any of our pedicure sets with heavy-duty toenail cutters are up for the job. Plus, they include fantastic manicure tools for all-round nail care.

You may like the pedicure set Luxor L830 and its pals L450 or L815 with facial hair trimmers, to begin you browsing with.


Can you recommend the best manicure set for a woman?

Most definitely. If you are looking for a nice gift for a woman, it is a safe bet to opt for a complete nail set to cater for all her manicure and pedicure needs, such as Grazia L75 or L88.

Another option is a luxury set Premier L100 with self-sharpening scissors which will last a lifetime without any re-sharpening required.


Can you recommend the best manicure set for men?

Yes, we have many options of stunning manicure sets for men made to cut strong gent’s nails, such as Magneto M63 or Luxor L360, with many variations to cut facial hair, too.

You have so many brands, what’s the difference?

We believe that the manicure set should meet your unique needs. For instance, we have manicure sets with cuticle nippers and with cuticle scissors – you choose which tools you like the most and make your decision based on your personal preferences.

We also offer different quality nail tools which are determined by the steel hardness and instrument design. For example, ZOHL manicure sets distinguish three levels of nail scissors:

  • SHARPTec Duo – Self-sharpening manicure scissors with one blade covered with gold-colour titanium. Every time you open and close the scissors, the blades are primed to give you a perfect cut with beautifully sharpened tips.

The Premier collection in luxury zip leather cases comes with SHARPTec Duo nail scissors, for example L100 or L55.

  • SHARPTec Pro – Long lasting sharpness of specially tempered steel, the same as used in SHARPTec Duo, is highlighted by a 24 carat gold plated screw, to accentuate its premium cutting properties.

The Luxor collection in full grain zip leather cases features SHARPTec Pro nail scissors, for example L655 or L98.

  • SHARPTec – This line of nail scissors is distinguished by bigger rings to fit large fingers for comfortable handling, and a noble matte finish, with excellent sharpness and precision of the blades.

Two collections are made with SHARPTec  nail scissors - Magneto in sleek cases lined with genuine leather inside and outside with a sturdy magnetic closure, and Grazia – the manicure sets for women in stunning red leather cases with a contrast black lining.

Browse Magneto M63 or L720 if you are looking for an elegant manicure set for men to take on travels or keep at home for complete nail care on fingers and toes. 

And don’t miss Grazia L88 or M11 if you are after a fantastic manicure set for women which will be their long lasting beauty companion for decades and make a great gift for her on Christmas, Mother’s Day, graduation or birthday.


Hot Water Bottles

Is there a warranty on Hugo Frosch hot water bottles?

Hugo Frosch hot water bottles come with limited two years warranty against manufacturing defects provided they are used in strict compliance with user's instructions attached to every bottle. The warranty does not cover defects that result from overfilling, filling with water over 60C degrees (e.g. boiling water), or misuse, such as keeping the hot water bottle in bed overnight.

In addition to manufacturer’s instructions, please read carefully product safety information related to hot water bottle use by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (https://www.productsafety.gov.au/products/health-lifestyle/personal/personal-care/hot-water-bottles#toc-related-recalls) and remember to use hot tap water to fill the bottle and remove the hot water bottle from bed before going to bed to avoid rolling onto it and bursting it – the most common issues that are not covered by warranty.

In addition, please read Common Mistakes Of Using Hugo Frosch Hot Wter Bottles in our blog article.


What maximum water temperature is recommended?

It is strictly recommended to use water under 60C degrees. Tap hot water is fine to use. Do not use boiling water or water over 60C degrees as it may cause serious burns to your skin and damage the bottle.


How long does the hot water bottle stay warm?

The hot water bottles are made from high quality thermoplastic for optimal heat retention. Factors such as the temperature of water you put in (maximum temperature is 60C degrees), the temperature outside, the mode of use and the type of cover – all play a role in how long the hot water bottle will stay warm. According to our customers, they are very pleased to find that heat retention has surpassed their previous experiences with conventional hot water bottles made of rubber.


Are Hugo Frosch hot water bottles as flexible as rubber hot water bags?

Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are made from high quality thermoplastic and are sturdier than rubber hot water bottles. The Classic line is flexible and can be used to wrap around the neck or a knee, while the Eco line features a hard shell that is not bendable.

This is why you’ll fine two sizes of Eco hot water bottles: 2L to use on large areas, such as the back, and 0.8L for small areas, such as the neck. And it is also convenient to take on travels.


What is the difference between an Eco and a Classic hot water bottle?

Classic hot water bottles by Hugo Frosch are made of high quality thermoplastic and do not contain any rubber (hence, there are no nasty rubber fumes). They come with a flexible structure and a large mouth for convenient filling, and are a pleasure to use.

Eco hot water bottles are made of over 90% sugar cane and their bio-based nature has been tested according to ASTM standard D6886 (American Society for Testing and Materials). They have a hard shell with a patented screw fastener with convenient finger support. They are also free from rubber and do not contain PVC, and phthalates. Their shells come in two sizes (2L and 0.8L) and are not flexible like Classic hot water bottles.


Are covers washable?

Yes, they can be hand washed at 30C degrees. Covers on eco hot water bottles are super easy to take off and put back on. With the Classic hot water bottles, simply squeeze the shoulders together and pull the bottle out from the cover. To put the cover back on, again bring the shoulders together and your beautiful hot water bottle is ready to use again.


Do you sell covers separately?

This is not something we offer. We sell hot water bottles with covers and without covers, but we do not sell covers only.


Hair Brushes

Are bristles in the brushes natural?

Yes, the hair brushes are crafted with carefully selected natural bristles of a wild boar. Similar in structure to the human hair, they close the top layer of protective cuticles so the hair has a smooth surface and reflects more shine.

The bristles are medium density which makes them work on all hair types – they are not too hard so they do not damage the hair or scratch the scalp, yet not too soft so they reach through to the scalp for effective brushing.


What are the benefits of boar hair brushes?

Health effects of boar hair brushes have been known for centuries as they make your hair look and feel its best. They help restore natural shine and gently massage the scalp to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth.

Too many of us think they need an expensive shampoo and a hair conditioner to create that silky glow. Yet, hair care starts with high quality tools, such as Hercules Sagemann hair brushed or ZOHL hair coombs that do not rip delicate cuticles or damage hair health.


Can you help choose the best boar brush for my hair length?

If you want a great hair brush that gives mother care to your hair, we’d recommend the Exclusive hair brush by Hercules Sagemann which comes in different sizes and shapes. It is made with natural boar bristles set in a pressure-control cushion which adapts to your head shape during brushing and feels very pleasant on the scalp.

Having said that, there are more excellent boar bristle brushes with and without detangling pins, with and without pneumatic cushions, with handles made of different materials. And they all suit various hair lengths.

If your enquiry is about round brushes, then usually hair brushes with a small core work on short styles. Large cores are great for longer hair, with medium brushes ideal for shoulder and just below it lengths. All round brushes in our collection are made with 100% natural boar bristles and are great for your hair shine with an excellent grip to give that beautiful energy to your style.


What is the best hair brush for thinning hair?

Choosing a hair brush for thinning hair requires a special approach. Usually, our customers want a good brush that is gentle on the hair, does not pull, rip or damage it, while it softly massages the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

All of our hair brushes meet these requirements. If you want the best of the best, then the Exclusive brush would be our top pick because it is made with natural boar bristles and specially-set nylon pins which feel pleasant on the head.

Other boar hair brushes, such as those made without pins and only with boar bristles, are also great for the same reason - they give gentle care to your hair.

Last but not least, we have fantastic detangling brushes that come with nylon pins only, without boar bristles, yet have been very popular among our customers looking for the best brush for thinning hair and loving these ones for their pleasant feel on the scalp.

To summarise, a hair brush for thinning hair is a personal choice as there are many factors you need to consider, such as a handle, a cushion, bristles and pins mix. We can guarantee that any hair brush you buy in our store will immediately become a treasure in your daily hair care (we’ve heard it many times and have no doubt you’ll love it, too).


What is the best brush for kids tangled hair?

Typically, any hair brush from our collection will work on kids, especially on long hair prone to tangling.

We would recommend Hercules Sagemann detangling hair brushes which are made with medium-flex rounded pins and do not pull hair when removing knots.

Plus, the brush also comes in a travel-friendly size with a small handle which fits beautifully in the small palm so your child can hold it comfortably and maintain the hair brushing routine by themselves.


What is the best brush to use after shower?

For use on wet hair, whether in or after shower, we recommend to buy a hair brush without a cushion. This is because small residues of water can damage cushion brushes, this is why boar brushes should be used only on dry hair.

In contrast, the detangling brush is easy to clean and works equally fantastic on dry and wet hair. We’ve received great feedback from our customers about this brush and are sure you will love it.


Best detangling comb?

The best hair combs are those that glide through the hair easily without breaking or damaging the hair structure. ZOHL hair combs are made from natural gum tree rubber, “cooked” under extreme temperatures for added durability, and manually polished. Their teeth are specially rounded so delicate hair cuticles are protected from damage, the surface is flat and reflects more shine.

There are many designs – with and without a handle, with fine or wide teeth, or a combination of both. It all depends on the type of your hair and your personal preference.

The deep black masterpieces you find in our store are without a doubt the best hair combs in the world and they are manually made by the German heritage manufacturer of luxury hair tools since 1836. So if you trust your hair to the best quality, choose any black comb in our store, such as ZOHL hair combs. 


If you can’t find an answer to your question, please email us at [email protected] or call on 0450 578 128, and we would be happy to assist you.