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Hans Kniebes razor strop is made in Solingen Germany to create the sharpest edge possible. Experience shows that there is nothing that puts that final edge on a cut throat better than a razor strop.

Made of premium leather with supple and velvety finish, it is easily adjustable to create the right tension. By twisting the handle, a screw expands or contracts the frame, stretching or relaxing the leather. A quick adjustment gives you the ideal hammock-like feel of a hanging strop without the hassle of a wall anchor.

One piece of leather is wrapped around the frame, however each side of the frame provides a different surface for stropping. One side is untreated leather just like in the Hans Kniebes Hanging Leather Strop. The other side has been treated with the green stropping paste – medium-grip sharpening compound for restoring the edge on a dull straight razor.

Compact size and vintage gift box make Hans Kniebes adjustable razor strop easily portable so you continue enjoying your best shave wherever your life adventures bring you. If you are looking for a strop to throw in a travel bag or you just don't want to have leather strops hanging from your wall, then this is the strop for you.

  • Length: 19 cm
  • Width: 4 cm.

Made in Solingen Germany.

SKU 11195
Brand Hans Kniebes - Germany
Shipping Weight 0.2500kg