Best Hair Brush

The softness of the bristles of this brush are a pleasure to use on my head. I brush my hair every day.

Hercules Sagemann classic oval shape hair brush is crafted by German experts in combs and brushes since 1856. Ideal for gentle hair styling and gentlly detangle strained or knotted hair without pulling or tugging. Natural Boar bristles with rounded nylon pins are set in a special cushion and feel pleasant on scalp. The brush perfectly removes knots from wet and dry hair, while softly massaging the scalp and supporting the growth of healthy hair.

Large Oval shape grooming brush made of thermiplastics comes with a combination pins makes the brush suitable for overall hair styling. Use it on natural hair or extensions – fine, very flexible pins ensure no split ends, no tugging or pulling, and no damage to your hair.

  • Expertly crafted by Hercules Sägemann – Germany since 1856
  • Soft Touch Rubber Handle in Black is well balanced offering great grip and comfort handling
  • High quality pneumatic cushion flexs and helps to offer a gentle gliding through hair and scalp
  • Natural Boar bristle pins and very thin nylon pins with small ball points glide perfectly through the hair without tugging. 
  • Ideal for hair brushing and massaging scalp, to improve blood circulation in the follicles
  • Suitable for any hair type and extensions
  • Length: 25 cm. Number of rows: 16.

Hercules Sagemann (Germany) have been producing highest quality professional combs and brushes for over 150 years. Each Hercules brush stands for maximum hair protection and fulfills the highest professional requirements. When you buy Hercules Sagemann, you buy the best in the world, the best in class combs and brushes.


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Brand Hercules Sagemann - Germany
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