Sensational hair brush.

I absolutely love my new hair brush! I have always been one to put a high priority on brushing and invested in "good bristle brushes" . However in the past few years I've noticed my hair thinning and the brush I was using was partly responsible for pulling out my hair. I then tried a softer boar bristle brush but it was so soft that it stroked my hair but didn't reach my scalp. I endured this for a couple of years until the handle broke and I decided to do some research as I didn't want more of the same... It was with some apprehension that I chose this brush as I had not seen it in person and I always think one doesn't know what a brush is like until you've tried it! I am very happy to say this brush is sensational and it has by far exceeded my expectations! My scalp feels stimulated and healthy and as stated, the bristles seem to glide through every strand and my hair already looks well groomed after using it only a few times. The wooden base is attractive and the handle is comfortable and seems sturdy. This really is the best brush I've ever had and I know what presents I'll be giving for Christmas this year! Also, Veronica was very helpful and accommodating and the brush was very promptly delivered.

Hercules Sagemann luxury hair brushes have been inspiring hair enthusiasts and leading experts since 1856. Made by one of the world's oldest manufacturer of premium combs and brushes, they meet the highest professional standards to give your hair the best possible look and care.

Paddle hair brush with natural boar bristles is an amazing German brush for those who prefer high quality hair tools in their beauty kit. Dense fibres guide hairs perfectly through the brush without unpleasant pulling and effectively spread natural oils from roots to the ends. This helps sensitive hair cuticles stay together and enables healthier, silkier and naturally shinier hair.

Ergonomic handle is made of solid wood and feels very comfortable in the hand. Pneumatic cushion boasts an advanced design and adjusts the pressure you apply during brushing. This is possible to a high quality material and a small hole which should not be mistaken as missing bristles. Through this hole the air escapes when you brush your hair, otherwise the brush would feel too harsh on the scalp. Hercules Sagemann takes every detail seriously and this paddle hair brush is a representation of the highest possible quality by German experts in professional hair tools.

  • Length: 26 cm
  • Width: 8.5 cm
  • Number of rows: 11
  • Antistatic.


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Brand Hercules Sagemann - Germany
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