Niegeloh Glass Nail File

I have had a very difficult time finding a nail file that didn't split my nails. In desperation I searched google to try and find an alternative to standard cardboard and sand paper emery boards. A miracle happened and I found the Niegeloh Glass Nail File- it is fantastic no more splitting nails and I love that you can wash the file. The only slight disappointment was that it didn't come with the leather protective case I had seen in the video about it but perhaps you can buy one separately. Well done a fabulous product and I recommend it to everyone especially if you have delicate nails as it is so gentle.

Niegeloh Boutique glass nail file creates a totally new experience in manicure science. Crafted from strong, hardened glass with velvet-smooth filing surface, it takes gentle care of your nails and eliminates a common problem: split edges. When filing a nail, the high density of the micro-fine granule on the grinding surface produces short intense heat. Nail, made up of horn, melts slightly when heat is applied, then firms again when the nail file is removed. Result? Your nail edges are sealed and re-grow firmer and stronger, without split edges.

To ensure long lasting performance, glass nail file can be disinfected with most commonly used disinfectants or cleaned by the ultrasound. Patented technology guarantees endless usability, without losing excellent filing properties.

Winning combination of a nail file, a nail cleaner and a cuticle pusher in one instrument, makes it an essential manicure tool in your grooming kit and is perfect for use at home or on the go. Thanks to the rounded design and extra gentle filing, it is ideal for people with fragile nails and sensitive skin (e.g. diabetics).

Original Glass Crystal Nail File. 14cm. Assorted colours.

 Niegeloh Boutique collection features excellent quality nail care tools for manicure and pedicure, sourced from all over the world. Niegeloh Boutique combines exceptional performance with friendly prices, to give you truly pleasant nail grooming experience.

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