Common Mistakes of Using Hugo Frosch Hot Water Bottles

Date Posted:30 March 2023 

Hugo Frosch hot water bottles are great warmers on a chilly day. They are free from rubber and harmful substances, recyclable and distinguished by slow heat release. Read on to learn how to help your hot water bottle give you lasting service and what is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, whether you are using it for keeping warm or for heat therapy.

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Hugo Frosch is a new name in the world of the highest quality hot water bottles. Made in German Bavaria to embrace harsh temperatures, these hot water bags are unique in every way:

  • They are made without any rubber, and therefore do not smell nasty rubber fumes;
  • Safety tested according to British Standard BS 1970:2012 and can be used with peace of mind;
  • Sturdy shells made of specially compounded thermoplastic retain heat for a long time to give you that great sensation of warmth in chilly weather;
  • They are recyclable just as any of your household recyclable plastic items;
  • ECO hot water bottles are made of over 90% sugar cane and their bio-based nature is certified by ASTM standard D6886 (American Society for Testing and Materials).

To add a homey touch and an elegant home décor, the hot water bottles come in beautiful covers that are hand washable at 30C degrees.

To highlight exceptional quality, Hugo Frosch hot water bottles come with two years warranty against manufacturing defects.


However, the defects that arise from incorrect use of hot water bottles are not covered by warranty.

Please refer to the information about safe use of hot water bottles outlined by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC):


To help you use your hot water bottle correctly, we’ve listed the most common mistakes that lead to user-related defects and which are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

All of the below instructions are outlined in the user’s guide attached to Hugo Frosch hot water bottles and must be followed precisely.


1. Leaving the hot water bottle in bed overnight may lead to rolling onto it and bursting it.

As per ACCC Product Safety information above, it is not safe to lie, rest or put pressure or weight on a hot water bottle. It is fine to pre-warm the bed, yet the hot water bottle must be removed from bed before going to bed.


2. Filling it with water over 60C degrees.

Temperatures over 60C degrees may cause the hot water bottle split and leak. Never use boiling water. Fill with hot tap water or check the temperature of water you put it to ensure it is below or at 60C degrees.


3. Overfilling the hot water bottle.

Squeeze the hot water bottle to let the air out and then fill it 2/3 of the volume. For instance, a 1.8L hot water bags should be filled with approximately 1.2L hot water; 2L and a 0.8L eco hot water bottles should be filled with approximately 1.4L and 0.5L accordingly. Do not use boiling water or water over 60C degrees.


Hugo Frosch manufactures some of the world’s best hot water bottles and general recommendation is to replace them every 5 years, provided they are used in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and the above mistakes are avoided.

If you are buying a hot water bottle without a cover, make sure to wrap it in a towel or a cover of your own to avoid burns.


Embrace the chill and keep warm with rubberless hot water bottles that have become the new standard in the warmth science, and make beautiful gifts on any occasion.



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