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Here you'll learn how to choose the highest quality manicure sets, how different grades of steel in manicure and pedicure tools affect their sharpness, how to find the best nail clippers, scissors, nippers and nail files to suit your nail grooming needs.

Plus, we'll share great tips and gift ideas based on our experience with customers who bought our beautiful products over the years.

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Date Posted: 31 March 2023

This article is a useful guide for those looking for the best gifts for men who have everything. It will help you choose the best manicure set so his fingernails and toenails are always in tip top shape.

Date Posted: 17 March 2023

If you are looking for a special great gift for a woman she will love and enjoy for many years, this article is a helpful guide in finding that unique present that will help look her best, while being her best.

Date Posted: 8 June 2022

All scissors are made to cut. But not all scissors cut equally well. In this article we discuss how to pick a high quality pair of scissors and the differences among common types of manicure scissors.