German Manicure Sets: What Makes Them Sought-After?

Date Posted:12 January 2023 

Why a good German manicure set is more expensive? This can be a fair question when there is a big choice of cheaper options. Let's look closely what this choice is all about. In this article we'll explore why spending a few more dollars on a high quality German manicure set is a smart investment for your budget and your nails.

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It is no secret that the majority of manicure and pedicure tools sold in Australia come from Pakistan and China. They are often made to create impression of the look and feel of high quality – indispensable attributes of the best manicure sets in the world. And while buying a cheap nail kit may seem like a good bargain, here are a few reasons why you should hold on to your money and opt for the manicure sets made in Germany.


About German manicure sets

Germany is renowned for its advanced engineering and it is the homeland of the world’s leading cutlery brands. The city of Solingen has been the blacksmith centre since the 14th century and its traditions are carefully protected today by the Solingen Decree.


Did you know?

Only when all of the manufacturing steps are made in Solingen, a product may carry the label “Made in Solingen”. If one of the steps is performed outside of Solingen (even if still in Germany), it is against the law to use the proprietary name. This is why when you see an authentic Solingen manicure set, rest assured you it is the best of the best nail tools that will give you long lasting sharpness and precision in nail care.  


Steel Used In Manicure Tools

Stainless steel is characterised by many grades depending on its hardness and amount of protective alloys which slow down the natural corrosion of steel. For example, stainless steel that is appropriate for cutlery is not the same as stainless steel used for industrial purposes, and is different again from the one used in surgical instruments.

Higher quality stainless steel requires more refinement and better raw materials. Thanks to multi-step tempering process, such steel becomes harder and retains the cutting edge a lot longer than soft steel often used in cheap manicure sets.


How Steel Affects Blade Sharpness 

Generally, a cheap price tag means cheap quality. To keep their prices down, manufacturers of cheap manicure implements use recycled materials in steel production which compromises performance of the final product. Low-grade steel loses its sharpness just after a few uses. This means that the blades of nail clippers, nail scissors or nippers quickly go blunt and lose their cutting properties just after a few uses. The result - damaged skin, jagged edges and torn nails which are prone to dangerous infections. Hence, buying manicure instruments of low quality is a waste of money and an unpleasant experience, if you care about the health of your nails.

In contrast, world-renowned brands, such as Niegeloh and Hans Kniebes, have nurtured their metal craftsmanship throughout the centuries. Their quality stands for very high standards of steel production and manufacturing of cutting products of remarkable precision. These brands have spent decades refining their art and they offer only the highest quality steel that does not lose its cutting properties over the years.

Thanks to hot forged steel, Solingen manicure sets, like ZOHL, feature perfectly sharpened nail tools that cut nails easily and beautifully, time after time.

In addition to unique technologies, each instrument is assembled, ground, sharpened and finished by hand to perfection. The knowledge and expertise of Solingen craftsmen devoted to long traditions of distinguished workmanship should reassure that you are buying a uniquely made manicure set that is not possible to produce anywhere else in the world.


Top Quality In Every Detail

Experts take care of every tiny detail of their manicure tools. Every one of our German manicure sets comes in a beautiful genuine leather case designed to protect the tools from damage and dirt and be an elegant accessory detail to their owner.

To professional manicurists, ZOHL, Niegeloh, and Hans Kniebes manicure sets equal top quality, superior performance and reliability. It is the state of the art quality and durability that is worth spending an extra dollar for, whether you are a beginner or an expert in nail care.

You can be confident that a high quality manicure set will perform for many years the same as on the day you bought it and you won’t need to replace it again and again.

If beautiful nails and environment-friendly nail tools on your agenda, select your best German manicure set from our charming collection.