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Date Posted:31 March 2023 

Over the years we have received many enquiries from our customers about choosing the best gifts for men. Our specialty being high quality manicure and pedicure sets, we are often asked how to buy a good nail kit for men. This article is a useful guide for those looking for the best gifts for men who have everything. It will help you choose the best manicure set so his fingernails and toenails are always in tip top shape.

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It is no secret that man’s nails are generally larger and stronger than those of a woman. This is why if you decide to buy him his very own manicure set, it has to cater for this need. Particularly, if his nails are prone to thickening and he struggles to find quality pedicure tools to look after his toenails.

We are sharing our experience of recommending the best manicure and pedicure sets for men that will be his trusted companion for many years ahead.


Solingen manicure sets vs German manicure sets

To clarify a common misunderstanding about the Solingen name, let us briefly go back to the history.

Solingen is an old German town and a capital of the country’s first blacksmiths attracted to the area by its abundant resources, such as ore, water and woods. With everything needed for the metal production, they settled in Solingen in the 14th century and have been known for crafting sharp and durable cutlery of impeccable quality: knives, blades, swords, scissors, and cutters of all kinds.

Solingen became famous around the world and soon fakes started to appear carrying the name of Solingen, although their quality could not be compared to the authentic Solingen engineering.

Master blacksmiths carefully nurtured the know-how and passed it through centuries and generations. Today, the German Government protects the “Quality Made in Solingen” label and only products made according to the standards of the Solingen Decree are entitled to display the Solingen brand.

For instance, if one of the manufacturing stages is carried outside of Solingen (even still in Germany), it is against the law to call the item a product of Solingen.

In our collection you will find both Solingen manicure sets and German manicure sets. While both are made in Germany, the former are of higher quality because of strict adherence to Solingen rigid manufacturing standards, in order to produce the highest quality manicure and pedicure tools that stay sharp for decades and give long lasting reliable service, time after time.

As for manicure sets made in Germany (their title does not include the name Solingen), they are of great quality which is much, much higher than anything available through local pharmacies or supermarkets. Yet, they are made of softer steel and may need re-sharpening down the track (it depends on how the nail tools are stored and used).

To summarise, ZOHL Solingen manicure sets offer the best possible quality and are generally more expensive with the hot forged steel keeping the blades sharp for a lifetime, whereas Zohl manicure sets (without Soligen in the title) offer great quality at friendlier prices, which will give many years of excellent service, however may need some maintenance over time (if at all).

All sets come in sleek cases made of genuine leather that highlights premium quality and extra durability of the nail tools.

These days, only a handful of companies are still producing authentic Solingen manicure sets. This is why when you buy a manicure set at our store, rest assured you are buying the best of the best quality which is sure to delight and be a great gift for every man.

To help you get started in your quest of choosing a high quality pedicure set for men, we recommend to have a look at the following nail kits in our collection:


ZOHL Solingen Heavy Duty Nail Set With Nose Hair Scissors Luxor L450

The beauty of this kit is that is comes complete with men’s favourite nail tools suitable for manicure and pedicure. It is convenient to take on travels and look after fingernails and toenails with essentials packed in one set.

This manicure set is ideal for men with thick nails because it includes heavy duty toenail clippers for thick nails with reinforced blades and easy-to-operate handles thanks to the strong barrel spring.

The other special feature is the ear and nose hair scissors with rounded tips, to help him trim overgrown hairs in small areas thanks to rounded tips.

Robust metal zipper closes the case and makes it perfect for nail care on the go.


ZOHL Solingen Mens Grooming & Nail Kit Magneto L530

Handsomely presented in the pebble leather case with a magnetic closure, this is a highly popular manicure set for men which includes stainless steel nail nippers ideal for fingernails and toenails, manicure scissors with large rings to fit men’s nails comfortably for optimal handling, and a facial hair trimmer for gentle removal of ear and nose hairs and operated without any batteries.


ZOHL Solingen Manicure set Magneto M63

A smaller pal of L530, this compact manicure set is a go-go for men who are minimalists when it comes to nail grooming. It includes highly popular nail clippers SHARPTec for fingernails and toenails, nail scissors with large rings for comfortable handling and manoeuvring around the nail edge, a high quality sapphire nail file with durable coating and ideal for toenails, and tweezers for removal of unwanted bodily hairs.

Elegant presentation in the pebble leather pouch and travel-friendly size makes this manicure set a sought-after gif for men he will enjoy for a lifetime.


ZOHL Germany Professional Pedicure Set For Ingrown Nails

This manicure set is a rare find for men with ingrown toenails. Compete with professional podiatry nippers for ingrown nails and a specialised lifter to release the ingrown parts from the skin, this set is an all-rounder for all his manicure and pedicure needs.

It also contains sharp nail scissors and nail clippers, and a sapphire nail file made entirely of stainless steel which features a comfortable finger support and generous amount of chromium which glues the sapphire dust to the blade. This makes the nail file work on all types of nails, including thick toenails (particularly to seal the edges of the ingrown nails without the risk of cuts).

This set is also popular for people with fungus nails and its tools are safe for professional sterilisation.


Hans Kniebes Germany Mens Grooming Kit

If you are looking for a gift for a man who is a frequent traveller, this grooming kit is a perfect companion to keep all his grooming gear in place. It includes a shaving razor with replaceable Mach3 cartridges, two pairs of nail clippers for his fingernails and toenails, ear and nose hair scissors, tweezers, a nail file and a detailing tool with the nail cleaner on one end and a cuticle pusher on the other.

As all sets in our collection, it is beautifully presented in a genuine leather case with a zipper and is loved by men who don’t need to worry about packing their small grooming essentials as they are conveniently stored in one kit.


Hercules Sagemann Beard Grooming Kit

This is a gem gift for men with a beard who trust only the best quality close to their skin. It contains a boar beard brush with longer bristles in a military style wooden core, straight beard scissors with microserration for the most precise cut, and a fine toothed hair comb.

All tools are stored in a zip PU washable pouch and make a handy gift for men with a beard, a moustache, or a goatee.

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We know it may be overwhelming sometime to find the best gift for a man and would be happy to assist you in finding the right one. Please feel free to contact us today and we’ll guide you through our collection to make sure you find the gift that’s right for him.



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