How To Choose Quality Nail Cutters For Manicure & Pedicure?

Date Posted:10 November 2022 

Well-presented hands and feet help you go about your life in comfort and in style. Quality nail cutters are the foundation of manicure and pedicure as they create even and smooth edges without tearing nail plates. This article describes the most important aspects to look for when choosing quality nail clippers and other nail cutters for your at-home nail care.

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Choose Quality Over Price

The difference between the best nail cutters and their cheaper alternatives is in the quality of the metal.

Hot-forged steel goes through multiple tempering steps and results in stronger molecular structure which retains the cutting edge for many years without re-sharpening. High quality nail cutters, such as nail clippers, nail scissors or nail nippers made of hot-forged steel are more expensive and offer maximum durability. This is why investing in high quality manicure and pedicure tools pays off with everlasting sharpness and easy nail cutting, time after time.

In contrast, nail cutters made of soft steel dull quickly and require frequent re-sharpening or replacement (think of tons of scissors thrown into the land as they become useless after a few months). Such tools can tear nails and cut delicate skin, setting you up for uncomfortable nail care routines and potentially dangerous infections.

Finally, anti-allergic steel free of potential irritants, such as nickel, may provide great benefits for sensitive skin, such as Zohl nail scissors and nail clippers. And this is another point of difference from cheap manicure tools sold in a pharmacy or a dollar shop.

When it comes to great value and great nails, it is wise to buy the best manicure tools you can afford, as investment in precision and sharpness of quality nail cutters will provide you with years of nail grooming pleasure.


Select The Tool Type

Generally speaking, choosing the right nail cutter is a matter of personal preference and habits.


Nail Scissors

Some people find that nail scissors give them the best control as they manoeuvre around the nail edge, while controlling the width of the gap between two blades.

What defines good quality scissors is the comfort of handling (make sure your fingers fit well inside the rings), sharpened edges that trim nails easily first time, and well balanced blades.

To check this, simply hold the scissors by one ring with the tips facing sideways away from yourself. Open the blades as much as you can and let the top blade fall down. If it stops somewhere half way, the scissors are well balanced. If it falls only slightly or closes completely, the scissors are too tight or too loose – in either case they will be hard to operate.

Nail scissors in our collection feature ergonomic design to sit comfortably in the palm. Plus, each pair has been individually tested at the Solingen factory to ensure you get the best manicure cutting tool that is up for the outstanding job.


Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are another type of nail cutters loved for their ease of use and simple operation. All you need to do is to insert the overgrown nail edge in the clipper mouth and press down the lever to bring the blades together.  

Small nail clippers are usually used on fingernails, while the large size is the go-to nail tool for toenails. However, if your fingernails are rather large, you may use the large nail clippers on hands and feet.

Zohl Solingen nail clippers have proven to be the best nail clippers for men and women who appreciate the finest quality and want a quality nail cutter that delights with sharpness and precision every time their manicure or pedicure is due.


Nail Nippers

Nail nippers are a plier-type nail cutting tool where two handles need to be brought together in order to close the blades. Thanks to the springing design, they are easy to use and have a larger mouth, compared to nail clippers, to cut very thick nails. Particularly, nail nippers are popular for cutting toenails, artificial fingernails and fungus nails.

One thing to look for when choosing nail nippers is to ensure the handle tips sit comfortably in the palm. This is why all nail nippers in our collection feature ergonomic design to give you maximum handling comfort and control when cutting nails.

There are many types of nail nippers, including heavy-duty, reinforced blade nail cutters for very thick toenails and slim blade nail nippers for ingrown toenails.

The choice is yours and should be guided by the comfort of the tool for optimal use.


Browse of collection of the best nail cutters made in Solingen, Germany for at-home manicure and pedicure in professional style. 


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