How To Choose The Best Quality Nail Nippers?

Date Posted:18 August 2022 

If you want to make a smart investment and buy the tool that will give you long lasting and reliable service, it’s worth knowing what makes the best nail clippers and how to recognise good quality. When you decide to buy quality nail clippers, the next step is to find the ones that meet your needs. This article describes key characteristics used by manufacturers to assess the quality of nail clippers, to help you make a great choice.

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There are many types of nail tools for cutting nails. Here we will focus on a highly popular tool – nail nippers which are a plier-type nail instrument with a spring between handles to close the blades and trim nails.

 Quality indicators

First of all, look at the material the nipper is made of. The best nail nippers come in steel of the highest quality, such as ZOHL Solingen Nail Nippers made of surgical stainless steel, specially hardened to retain the cutting edge for many years without any need of re-sharpening.

Strong, tempered steel is guaranteed to maintain its original cutting properties, as opposed to soft steel which does not keep the blades sharp and thus required frequent maintenance or replacement of the nail tools.

 Good quality nail nippers stay sharp for many years without going blunt and tearing nails. So it’s worth paying an extra dollar and be sure that your nail nippers will do an excellent job every time your manicure or pedicure is due.

For hygienic purposes, nail nippers must be disinfected before and after each use as bacteria can stick to the blades and cause an infection next time you use it. Therefore, look for a rust-free material of your nippers, such as stainless steel, which can be sterilised and cleaned.


Light Test

Perform a quick test to assess the nipper quality further. Hold the nipper in your hand and look against the light. The tips of the blades should touch first and you should see the light coming through the blades when you close the nipper slightly. When you press more, the blades should close completely. This method is used by responsible manufacturers for quality assessment to ensure that cutting is performed evenly.


Nail Nippers Size

Next, decide how you are going to use your nail nippers. Do you need cuticle nippers or nail nippers? Depending on your situation, choose the tool with the correct blade size.

The part that nips is called a "jaw". Nipper jaws come in full, half or quarter size. Generally, large or full jaws are suitable for cutting the toenails, while medium (half) jaws are usually used for acrylic nails. Nippers with the smallest jaws allow high precision and are ideal for cuticles and dried skin in the nail bed and around it. It is very important to buy the nippers that are right for your task.


Comfortable Handling

Choose nippers with wide handles to have a secure and firm grip. Ensure you feel comfortable holding the nipper in the right and the left hand as it will give you maximum control when nipping your nails or cuticles.


Heavy Duty Nail Nippers For Thick Nails

If you have mature, strong nails, then you may prefer heavy duty nail nippers which are specifically designed for very thick nails. They have a barrel or box joint which allows greater leverage and an even cut without distorting the nail plate.


One last piece of advice: to ensure your nipper keeps its sharpness, always store it in the case with blades facing upwards. This will reduce the risk of contact with moisture and secure the blades from becoming blunt.

Opting for high quality nail nippers is an excellent decision if you want your nails look stunning without worrying about re-sharpening or frequent replacement.

All ZOHL nail nippers in our collection carry the “Solingen quality” mark and are ground, assembled and finished by hand to ensure impeccable performance.

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