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Date Posted:17 March 2023 

One of the questions we often hear from our customers is about buying a great gift for a woman. Whether as a special gift for her birthday, marriage anniversary or romantic getaway, they look for a meaningful gift that will delight with high quality. If you are looking for a special great gift for a woman she will love and enjoy for many years, this article is a helpful guide in finding that unique present that will help look her best, while being her best.

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Today, the choice of gifts for her is overwhelming, and it's not surprising to hear from men they can't decide what to give to their woman as a special gift. From make up to fashion garments and accessories – the choice is there. But does it make the task any easier? In fact, many men find that while shop windows are attracting with great offers, they are not always sure if their gift will be a useful one. 

One of the ways to put a smile to her face is to buy a gift that meets her beauty needs. Nail care is one of them. 

Whether she is a professional or a stay-at-home mum, every woman wants her hands to look beautiful and her nails healthy. Even if she goes to the salon regularly, having a quality manicure set at home can save her hassle of fixing up a nail if an accident occurs between her trips to the salon (during a family holiday, for example). Or, if she has just had a baby and doesn't have time to visit the nail practitioner, she will certainly appreciate the ease and beauty of nail care with quality nail tools.


Manicure Sets  

A high quality nail kit in our collection of German manicure sets is a smart investment in long lasting service. All tools are made from strong steel and retain the sharpness of the blades for many years without re-sharpening needed. A special note goes about ZOHL Solingen manicure sets which are crafted in the heart of Germany – the old city of Solingen known for centuries for the sharpest and most durable cutlery, such as scissors, knives, and swords.

On offer are manicure sets made of hot forged stainless steel and cold forged steel – both offering superior quality than most nail kits sold through local pharmacies or supermarkets.

The difference between the two is in the strength of the steel – the stronger the steel, the longer the blades stay sharp.

Thus, if you want to delight your woman with a gift that will give her life long service, look for Solingen manicure sets made of hot forged steel, such as Grazia or Premier by ZOHL.

Alternatively, our collection of manicure sets made of cold-forged stainless steel offers more budget-friendly gifts, with Empress and Maxi often selected as perfect gifts for women thanks to excellent sharpness and precision of the cutting edge which lasts many years before it may need maintenance down the track (if at all as it depends how the tools are used and stored).

It’s important to mention that all manicure sets come in genuine leather cases and protect the nail tools from dirt and damage in individual pockets. From the moment you open the set, you feel you are holding unique quality in your hands, so the gift is sure to delight and become her favourite for many years to come.    

One tip we often give our customers is about the set contents. Generally, the more complete the set, the better as she will have various tools to care for every part of her fingernails and toenails. Plus, they are conveniently stored in one place, especially if her kit includes the tools for manicure and pedicure together.

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Natural Boar Hair Brushes

Luxury hair brushes with specially selected bristles of a wild boar are very popular gifts for women because they make the hair look and feel its best. They have been known for many centuries for gentle care of sensitive hair cuticles because their structure is similar to the human hair. Thus, boar bristle brushes spread vital nutrients from roots to ends, naturally condition the hair, and close protective top layers so the hair reflects more shine.

Many women agree that hair is the crowning glory. It is no surprise therefore why considerable amount of money goes towards expensive shampoos and conditioners to restore the silky shine of the coiffure. However, the power of a high quality hair brush should not be underestimated as hair treatments may not be even required if the hair brush is professionally built to avoid ripping, breaking or damaging the hair structure.

Hercules Sagemann is the heritage German manufacturer of the world’s finest hair brushes and combs since 1856. With a wealth of knowledge and commitment to produce the best quality hair tools, they are a symbol of luxury hair brushes made with specially selected boar bristles (which are a by-product of the Asian food industry, so no animal is hurt for the brush production). The beauty of natural brushes is that they gently moisturise the hair with the body’s very own oils produced in the scalp tissues. The bristles spread the nutrients evenly all along the hair while gently detangling the knots and massaging hair follicles, to support healthy hair growth.

The Exclusive line is high quality hair brushes made with natural boar bristles of medium density which allows for the brush to reach through to the scalp without pulling. The bristles are mixed with nylon pins for better grip and removal of tangles, and set in the pneumatic cushion which regulates the pressure applied to the brush, so it conforms to the individual head shape and feels pleasant on the scalp.

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Hot Water Bottles                                         

When quality is a must, luxury hot water bottles are a much welcome gift for women. Whether to soothe menstrual pain, keep warm in chilly weather or use for heat therapy, rubber free hot water bottles by Hugo Frosch are a perfect gift. They are crafted in Germany from high quality thermoplastic without any rubber fumes, with the Eco line made of over 90% sugar cane.

The large mouth makes filling with hot water convenient, while rigid shells optimise heat release so they stay warm for longer. Elegant covers add a touch of style and make a beautiful home décor item. 

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Eyebrow Tweezers

Often it is a cute gesture to add a small gift to the flowers or a great Kris Kringle gift idea. If you are looking for a high quality yet not budget-breaking gift for her, consider precision eyebrow tweezers.

Tweezers are one of the most frequently items in the woman’s beauty kit. However, it is often a hard task to find the tweezers of ultimate precision. So giving her a gift of quality that she’ll use a few times a week may be a welcome gift every woman appreciates.

Eyebrow tweezers in our collection are made from nickel-free stainless steel with manually honed tips for perfect alignment. With a choice of slant, straight, arched, rounded or pointy tips, they help create beautiful eyebrows and remove unwanted bodily hair with unmatched accuracy.

A necessary beauty tool, buying high quality tweezers for women, such as popular slant tweezers by ZOHL, is a rewarding task.

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Hair Combs

Another useful item is a hair comb. Just like high quality hair brushes, the best hair combs take mother care of the hair when they glide beautifully without pulling, ripping, or scratching the scalp. ZOHL hair combs in our collection are made of natural rubber of the gum tree, specially hardened and manually polished so they are free from tiny burrs. Seamless teeth guide the hair through the comb and help create attractive hair glowing with health and shine.

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Products mentioned in this article come in different variations, to suit specific needs. If you would like more help with choosing the right gift for her, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist.