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Date Posted:8 June 2022 

Have you ever been in a situation when you buy nail scissors from your local pharmacy or a supermarket only to find out at home that they chew your nails instead of cutting them neatly? All scissors are made to cut. But not all scissors cut equally well. In this article we discuss how to pick a high quality pair of scissors and the differences among common types of manicure scissors.

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Most of us will agree that a cheaper price tag often means poor quality. To consistently achieve that beautiful cut over the long, suboptimal quality scissors require either frequent sharpening or replacement (think about the landfill).

 Traditional manufacturers of high quality scissors solve this problem by using strong steel which undergoes multiple forging and sharpening steps, to ensure the scissors last decades without any need of maintenance. Thus, every time your manicure is due, you use the favourite pair your fingers are used to, and create just the look you want – time after time.

Some of the best known scissors manufacturers are in Solingen – an ancient German capital of blacksmiths who have been mastering the art of metal engineering since the 14th century. Over the past 600 years they have been creating strong steel for making all sorts of blades, including swords for the Middle Age European armies.

No wonder that Solingen cutlery today is known for the best nail scissors, durable manicure sets, and sharp kitchen knives.

Of note, the label ‘Quality Made in Solingen” is legally protected by the German government and is allowed on items which have been manufactured in Solingen from start to finish, and comply with the Solingen Decree of metal engineering.

For instance, if one of the manufacturing steps is done outside of Solingen (even still in Germany), it is unlawful to claim “Quality Made in Solingen”.

If you are after a pair of sharp nail scissors, browse our collection of Solingen manicure scissors with precise and durable blades to give you long lasting and reliable service.

Talking about grooming and manicure scissors, it is important to clarify which scissors are for which purpose. A very common mistake is to use the wrong scissors to perform a task.

For example, nail scissors should not be used to cut paper or fabric because this can damage the cutting edge and cause blades to become blunt. The ultimate rule is that each type of scissors is designed to work on a certain material. And if you want them to last, use the right type for the right purpose.


Nail Scissors

Nail scissors are used to shorten and shape finger- and toenails. They usually have curved blades to follow the natural curvature of the nail edge. Straight scissors are also popular and have a good place in nail care, such as Solingen straight nail scissors by Niegeloh.

A special note should be made about left handed nail scissors as they come with an inverted blade which offers great comfort, control and handling for left handed individuals.


Toenail Scissors

If you have thick nails, you may want to consider reinforced toenail scissors with stronger and shorter blades, or even nail clippers or nail nippers (also called nail pliers), as they allow greater leverage and wider mouths for cutting very thick toenails



Cuticle Scissors

Cuticle scissors come with slimmer blades than those of nail scissors. They are used to remove the excess skin in the nail bed. Sharp, pointed and slim tips allow to reach the cuticle easily. Since the cuticle protects the nail from infections, sharp cuticle scissors help cut only the dead skin without cutting anything else.


For a more precise cut in hard-to-reach areas, scissors with very narrow blades and extra pointed tips prove to be the best choice, like ZOHL Solingen Extra Fine Cuticle Scissors SHARPTec Pro.



Combined Cuticle & Nail Scissors

Manicure scissors with a so-called tower point, blend the best qualities of nail scissors and cuticle. Their wider part can be used for trimming nails and the pointed part - for fine cuticles. These scissors are very practical and convenient especially for travelling.



Nail Scissors With Rounded Tips

People with certain conditions, such as limited circulation or diabetes, should be very careful when cutting their nails as a tiny cut can lead to serious complications, including amputation. Rounded fingernail scissors and toenail scissors in our collection are specially designed as an alternative to pointy scissors, and work beautifully.



Baby Scissors       

It goes without saying that baby scissors have to be of the utmost quality because baby's skin and nails are so soft and sensitive. The best nail scissors for babies are small with narrow blades and blunt tips, to allow maximum control and minimise the risk of cutting the skin.

Good baby scissors are a huge helper in such an important (and scary for some parents) task as trimming baby's nails.

Here is the checklist to help you choose the best scissors for your baby:

-  Made of the finest quality metal, i.e. stainless steel
-  Do not contain any additives which may cause an allergic reaction
-  Rust-proof to allow sterilisation
-  Well balanced for gentle nail cutting and without exertion.



Beard And Moustache Scissors

To achieve a high precision cut, the blades in the moustache and beard scissors are straight and long, and often micro-serrated to prevent the beard hairs slip from the blade.

Also, the rings are specially moulded to ensure men’s fingers fit easily and have full control.

ZOHL Solingen Moustache & Beard Scissors in our collection are very popular thanks to larger rings and improved ergonomics for optimal handling.



Ear & Nose Hair Scissors

Ear and nose hair scissors have small rounded tips to safely remove hairs in narrow areas of the nostrils and ears. Since the skin in these areas is extremely sensitive, the ball points help to minimise the risk of injury.


View our luxury collection of authentic Solingen nail scissors and choose the pair that will be your best companion in nail care for many years.

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