How To File Nails Properly?

Date Posted:21 September 2022 

Well-shaped nails are the basis for a stunning manicure or pedicure. Even if you are a minimalist when it comes to nail care, regular filing is essential for neat and well looking hands and feet. There is only one way to file your nails correctly. Use our helpful guide to learn about the steps of creating beautiful, healthy looking nails.

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Dry Your Nails Before You Start

Wet nails are prone to breaking or chipping. File nails when they are completely dry to avoid split edges that can lead to further damage.


Shorten Your Nails

If you plan to take off a lot of length, it is better to use metal nail files, such as ZOHL Sapphire Nail File which is made entirely of stainless steel, including the handle, and has a generous amount of fine and coarse sapphire dust for the most effective nail filing.

Glass nail files or fine grit emery boards are great for detailed shaping, while coarse files, such as low grit count emery boards, are best for filing away the nail length.


Decide The Shape Of Your Nails

Look at the shape of your cuticle at the nail bed. This is the perfect nail shape that nature has created for you.

Follow the natural form of your cuticle and create the nail edge of a similar shape - just in reverse.


File Your Nails

Hold the file at a slight angle and lightly stroke it from the corner toward the centre of your nail. Repeat several times with light pressure until you achieve your desired shape.

Always file your nails in one direction only. Sawing back and forth will create splits in your nails and cause them to break – leading to unsightly, unhealthy nails. 


Apply Moisturiser Or Cream

To nourish your delicate nail edges and keep them healthy and strong, it is important to use nail or hand cream. Just a dab applied to the tips of your nails – morning and night - will help strengthen and protect.


Enjoy your beautiful nails and browse our collection of German manicure tools for all-round nail care.  

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