Mother’s Day Gifts – Unique Gift Ideas For Every Mum

Date Posted:15 February 2023 

Every woman would like to look her best despite the age. Surprise your mum with exceptional quality German gifts this Mother’s Day and help maintain her natural beauty with ease and comfort, through the years. From luxury manicure sets in stunning leather cases to protective boar bristle brushes and rubberless hot water bottles, our collection of charming Mother’s Day gifts delights with hard-to-find, authentic German quality.

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Explore Mother’s Day gift ideas 2023! Whichever gift for your mum you choose, we are sure she will love it and enjoy its unique quality.

Discover beautiful gifts to for your mum’s manicure and pedicure!

A quality manicure set is a must-have item in every woman’s beauty kit. Whether she does basic manicure or likes to create a more pampered look, a luxury manicure set in a beautiful leather case is a great gift your mum will enjoy for years.

Even if she frequents a salon, she is sure to appreciate her own manicure and pedicure set to protect from nasty bacteria and ensure hygienic use of the nail tools exclusively on her nails.

All manicure sets in our collection are made in Germany and feature well-balanced design and perfectly sharpened blades, to take care in professional style even of seniors' nails.

Below are our customers’ favourite manicure sets to delight your mum this Mother’s Day:


Zohl Solingen Complete Manicure Set Grazia L75

Ideal for mums' manicure and pedicure, this manicure set contains seven SHARPTec stainless steel nail tools beautifully presented in the elegant wallet-style case made of smooth leather. Among them are perfectly sharpened cuticle scissors with extra fine tips and an easy-to-operate nail cutter for thick toenails.  


Zohl Sharptec Duo Manicure Set Premier L100

This gift manicure set is a showcase of the highest quality in every detail. Eight professional nail tools made of hot-forged stainless steel and housed in the premium chocolate leather case, offer exceptional sharpness and extra durability. Self-sharpening scissors ensure nails are cut with ease and the blades retain the sword-edge properties for longer, thanks to one blade covered with titanium. Every time the scissors are opened and closed, the blades re-sharpen, so at-home manicure is carried in professional style without visiting a salon.


Zohl Sharptec Pro Manicure Set With Cuticle Nippers Luxor L98

This elegant manicure set is an ideal gift for those who likes to detail their cuticles with a sharp cuticle nipper that makes a neat cut first time and does not damage delicate cuticles. Complete with SHARPTec nail clippers, curved nail scissors, a cuticle pusher, precision tweezers and a metal nail file, this manicure set has everything to create beautiful fingernails and makes a great travel accessory for women.


Zohl Germany Venetta Manicure Set M

Classic burgundy leather case and stainless steel nail tools make Venetta a luxury winner among the best womens manicure sets. Like all nail kits in our collection, it is crafted in Germany and features high quality cuticle and nail scissors to create a neat edge for further pampering. With all essentials for a perfect at-home manicure, it is a sleek gift for every woman to look after her fingernails in chic style. If you like the idea of a complete nail set with high quality pedicure tools, upgrade to the set’s big sister – Venetta L.


Zohl Sharptec Pro Pedicure Set For Thick Nails Luxor L21

It is no secret that finding the best nail clippers for senior''s toenails may be a challenging task. This pedicure set in a luxury grain zip leather case offers a perfect solution. It includes a heavy-duty nail nipper for thick nails and is loved by our customers who prefer strong, professional toenail clippers. Among the other nail tools are SHARPTec nail clippers, nail scissors, a cuticle pusher, eyebrow tweezers and a metal nail file (also perfect for filing the edges on toenails).


Should your mum have specific needs, we’d be happy to help navigate you to the right manicure and pedicure set for her in our collection of premium German manicure sets.

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